The idea of minimalism to me is a very romantic notion. There are several aspects of it I would like to address. While here at U of Illinois of Urbana Champaign, I have come to realize that one’s time is very valuable. As a student, it has occurred to me just how distracting technology could be. For the next thirty days, I will be taking a Facebook fast. There are specific reasons for doing this. When I walk into a room, I like having organic conversation with people. Previous, I would go to places already knowing what is going on in people’s lives. This caused me to reference statuses or ask questions I already knew the answer to. If someone needed to tell me something urgent, then they can call me. Although it could be easier just messaging them, I would lose that personal connection.

“Attention Facebook friends, I will be taking a thirty day fast from using Facebook. I don’t mind people posting but realize that the initial gratification wears off. So with this being said, feel free to call or text me at 312-285-6988.”

I think that I will also be deleting my Google Plus account. The community has been great so far. Lately though, I have come to the realization that I would rather work on producing wonderful work without worrying how others would feel. This will allow me to grow more I believe as a photographer.

I need to look for a minimalist email client or just keep my Gmail. This will be important to cut down the amount of unnecessary use of a third party email client.

My RSS readings have become a bit out of control. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with so much of the readings. In reality, only a few feeds are worth reading on a regular basis. In this, I will be able to manage the feeds effectively. Also I will try to only check it on Sundays so it is a reward, not a distraction.


In reality I have little use for twitter. I do use it for Scrivener tech support though. I will ruthlessly cull the amount of people I follow so I can stick to the essentials.

My Files

I have begun the process of organizing my own personal computer files from a vast number of sources. I will begin by taking 30-60 min during the week to sort files into the proper place. One this is done, my archives will go into Dropbox so it does not take up excess space on my computer.

My Room/Dorm/Living Space

For a little bit every night before dinner, I will tidy up my room. By doing this, it will cut down on messes and make it more presentable when people come over.


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