Reasons Why I Don’t Drink

I have several reasons for why I don’t drink. When  I was born, I was very sick. You see, I was born twenty-six weeks premature at just under two pounds. I had many complications when I was young. In this case, what is relevant is the fact that for the longest time I would projectile vomit. There was one particular instance in which my cousins, mother, and I all went to eat lunch at Subway. My mom was helping to make sure I took small bites of food. The main issue though was keeping the sandwich down. That being said, I had an issue. I instinctively made sounds at my mother using my hands to signal that I needed to puke. Since this sequence of events came natural, she reached out her hand and in a split second caught my puke. As for my cousins, I don’t think they have eaten at Subway since.

Due to this incident and countless others, when I was a bit older I received a Nissen fundoplication. In short what was done was that my stomach was wrapped. My stomach is about half the size of a regular stomach.

Back to the original topic of discussion, to a reasoning to not drink. Given that I am not able to puke, if hypothetically I would get drunk, I would be unable to puke and get it out of my system. The worst and most likely scenario would be of me being in a hospital with severe alcohol poisoning.

This is the main reason but I have a few others.

When I freshman in college, just a few weeks ago, I took two of my friends from high school to a few frat parties. My reasoning for this is really because I wanted to see what they were really like. I was never a partier in high school so being able to see firsthand was appealing to me. So I found Domanic Verela and Adam Siz and we began to look for a frat party or two to go to.  After going in several circles and blaming each other for getting lost, we finally came into one. Although all the frats we visited that night seemed similar, this was slightly different. As we walked in, there were chairs and tables set up. Who I assumed were frat brothers had laptops set up for you to put your information. Since I could see this ahead of me, I told Dominic and Adam Sizlowski to put down fake information. They did and we walked further down the hallway.

The natural instinct based on the people were that the basement was where the party was at. As we proceeded down to the basement, we noticed that it became progressively hotter, we cousously crept down the stairs to see what has happening.

The site of the party was very disappointing. There was music blaring, people dancing, lots of beer, and the swell of sweat on everyone’s body. We could tell when people were drunk very easily by the random cheers and danceoffs. We then proceeded to go to another part of the basement. It was here where I saw one of my first instances of beer pong. Tables were set up with plenty of cups and beer. People offered us to play, followed by us politely declining. After all of this we decided to head out.

That night we visited four frats. The common theme among all of them was of course booze but also hot basements.

Since realizing that the frat scene is not for me, I have found plenty of other ways to occupy myself. Through my group of friends, almost all of them do not drink. With such a great group of like minded friends, we have a blast. Last night for instance we watched Little Miss Sunshine. Other nights we made late trips to buy pizza or Insomnia Cookies. During pouring rain we would play soccer, slipping and sliding in the mud.

These are the memories that will stick and be significant. The times when having a blast with your friends laughing historically. Not those drunk and hazy memories you try to remember or deeply regret.





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