Conservative For Gay Marriage

I know its hard to believe, I just have to come out and say it. I am a conservative that is for same sex marriage. Many of my more conservative friends bash me about how I can be conservative and still support same sex marriage. The Republican party preaches as a whole that a traditional family is best for the country. I don’t want to blast them in telling that they are totally wrong. I personally feel that adaptability is ready to happen. The concept of traditional marriage made sense in the 1950’s. White skinned and blue eyed people spent there suburban lives with multistory houses with white picket fences. They had 2.5 kids, women worked at home cooking and cleaning and the husband had a steady job at a desk. For quite some time this was the conventional norm. Then during the 1980’s, 90’s, and 2000’s, homosexual couples became more common place.

It was during this time that discussions of same sex marriage began to evolve. We have several states now that permit same sex marriage or civil partnerships.

Right during this moment, conversation has sparked about whether gays should marry or not.

On the extreme side is 2012 president running candidate Fred Kruger. Kruger is a Republican who is in fact gay and a supporter of same sex marriage.

People use the argument of the Bible being horribly against homosexuality. Might I also mention that the Bible tells us that slavery is okay, not to eat shellfish, and countless other things.

The inner history buff in me tells that this was just the customs of the time period. At the time, it was accepted.

Given my previous statement about adaptability, why can’t times change? Why does one have to stay stuck in the past, going with the strict norm of marriage being between a man and a women?




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