Biking To McDonalds

Just recently, I went on my bike ride across town to the downtown part of Champaign. My destination was set to Barnes and Noble. The reasoning was that I needed to purchase a journal (this very one) to start an ideally daily habit of writing every day.

The ride itself was just around three miles. I did get a bit detoured. When asking around for directions, the women told me that it was located just past the McDonalds.

This thought of McDonalds got me to thinking:

What if you were forced to walk to McDonalds?

Although at first one might dismiss this notion, it grew on me by the time I reached Barnes and Noble.

With a question like this, it is best to break it down to each component.

The first concept is the idea of “walking” to McDonalds. Please not that in the question, I posed how you would get there. I did not allow biking, riding a motorcycle, or skateboarding as methods of getting to McDonalds. This reasoning is two fold. The first reason is that walking requires no special equipment. Preferably wearing comfortable shoes would aid in your walking journeys.

The second reasoning for walking will be reveled later on.

The second concept involves ones rationale and reasonings to walk to McDonalds. Then one commonly has a craving for fast food such as McDonalds, it is usually only a short car ride away. When walking is introduced into the picture, it changes things slightly. You see, now when you have a craving for McDonalds, you know that your option to get it is to walk. From this means that you have to be very motivated. Not only do you need motivation for the craving of McDonalds, but also you have to use persistent motivation to walk there.

In my initial example, that McDonalds is just short of being three miles away. That means taking into account that you will still feel the need for McDonalds, doing so requires you to be active by walking.

Although most of the things on McDonald’s menu is not the healthiest, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you burned lots of calories by walking there? Imagine instead of driving thru in your car to eat McDonalds that contains six hundred calories, you walk that distance burning up three or four hundred calories. By doing this, I would not feel as bad eating such a calorie laden meal.

So now after your journey, you finally arrive. You walk up to the counter and look at the array of options. You come across the usual suspects of indulgences: BigMacs, McFlurry’s, Quarter Pounders, and large soft drinks. You then look further along and see salads available. You then weigh your options and decide, why not. You purchase your salad (with croutons) and walk to your seat.  

Understandably you could be getting a BigMac, large french fries, and a huge soft drink. In all it’s greasy goodness you are blinded by the fact that instead of being five or six hundred calories, this meal exceeds thirteen hundred calories.

In both instances you have become satisfied by your meals. The after affects of your BigMac meal cause you to feel your arteries clogging up, your body moving slower with every step. Halfway through your way back, you hunch over on the side of the road feeling the urge to puke. You then crawl at a snails pace barely making it back home alive.

Comparatively, the after affects of your salad eating are no where near as life threatening. You finish the salad, licking your lips to the fork in the last scrumptious bite. Although you feel full, you are ready to walk back since your not sick to your stomach. While on your walk back you have a burst of energy. You feel more energized thanks to your salad. Your trip back home felt like nothing and your ready for the next challenge that awaits you.

Although you achieved similar levels of satisfaction, the obvious choice that is better is the salad. One should try to imagine how you will feel after before making a food choice.

Remember how I said that I would address the second reason to the concept of walking to McDonalds? I had a reason why I left that out until now.

The final component is the use of time. The sheer act of walking to McDonalds and walking back takes plenty of valuable time. If using the original scenario, lets say that walking the three miles to get there takes forty-five minutes. Given that you take thirty minutes to eat the meal and forty-five minutes to walk back, this whole McDonalds crazing has turned into a two hour venture. This begs the question, was it really worth your time?


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