Start of Reclaiming My Life Back

During a conversation with a good friend, we discussed ways in which I can become more in tune with myself. Two weeks ago I was worried about getting enough sleep. I have since determined that I optimally should be getting eight hours a night. I also made a rule in which I do not take afternoon naps. Taking naps used to screw up my sleep schedule causing me to stay up late. A computer cutoff point was also established.

We also decided to establish a computer cutoff point. A time in which I would not use a computer. So that I would than be able to fall asleep. This week I will concentrate on when the best time to cut off computer use is. Ideally it would be right after dinner.

In order for me to be able to get enough sleep, I have begun to use my bed solely for sleeping. I have stopped doing homework on my bed as well as resting my laptop to watch videos using my bed. By not doing these things, I hope to train my mind to associate my bed with sleep.

As I continue to implement the strategies, I’ll be sure to provide an update on how it’s going.


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