Recently I have become interested in meditation. I never thought that I would have an interest in meditation. Through a wonderful conversation with a friend, he sensed that meditation could improve my life. The calmness and opportunity to gather my thoughts would help me long term. After hearing this, I have decided to pursue meditation.

Several reasons went into starting meditation. Over the past few days reflecting about my own life and how I can make it even better. I have determined that in my own life is a lot of stress. In a past post I recalled how often times I would stress over things that I should not worry about. Worrying does nothing to solve the issues at hand.

During my last two years during school, I have realized that I love having a life that is balanced. By being able to have a worthwhile balance of college and other pursuits, I will be able to satisfy both my parents and myself.

A universal concept of meditation is being connected with the world around you. In today’s society we associate connectedness with being able to access the internet constantly. It is through meditation that connectedness is viewed as being aware of one’s body, self, and the world around us.

After being introduced to the idea of meditation, I was sent a link to Google talk given by John Zinn.  I would highly encourage anybody interested to watch it. During the talk he concentrated on a few things.

He led the Google group in a meditation exercise that concentrating on breathing. It was remarkable to see an intelligent group of people as the Google workers meditating.

The central belief behind meditation is to clear the mind of any other thoughts. Since in society we are accustomed to having many things pop in our heads, focusing on one thing is not easy.

I am determined to focus on one thing at a time. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how my meditation is going.


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