Do I really need 12,000 songs?

A while back I decided to digitize my dad’s music collection. For some time I had over 24,000 songs.   I thought that having all the 200+ cd’s on an external drive would allow us as a family to share the music with one another effectively. This was unfortunately not the case. Despite my efforts, my parents could not comprehend the idea that all the music that they owned would be on a family iPod instead of still on cd’s. Fed up with this, I began to delete songs that I no longer listened to. Many of these songs were duplicates and more music then I could listen to in my entire lifetime.

Even now after deleting many duplicates, I still feel my iTunes library is still cumbersome. Having started this process about a year ago, my library sits to just under 12,000 songs, half of what it once was.  Although this amount of music is more manageable, I am still finding it overwhelming.

My eventual end for this project would be to get my music library to be under 2,000 songs. Even though I realize that this process will take quite a while, I hope to get down to 6,000 songs by the end of this year.  By doing so, I will be able to enjoy my music. More importantly the idea that I can relish in all the music I enjoy rather then having thousands upon thousands of songs I was not fond of.

So, do you really need all that music?


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