Recently Quit Facebook

Recently, I decided to delete my Facebook account. To me, it is amazing now at college how many kids at school seem to be constantly checking on it. I was eating dinner a few weeks ago and three of my friends were checking their phones with Facebook up while sitting with me. I thought that this was very rude and a sad reflection of what some people (especially younger) have become. Entranced by those who aren’t present, not being happy with being mindful of others. There is also a great amount of Facebook browsing while in class from what I have noticed.

I do have several reasons for deleting my Facebook but personally it started with one. When I walk into a room, I don’t want to know what has happened to everyone from Facebook. Otherwise there wouldn’t be much to talk about. I would rather learn about people and find out by asking what is new in their life then finding out through Facebook.

The people that I have mentioned it to do not understand why I did it. I have several reasons as to why. For one, I got tired of people’s posts. Several people that I have accepted friend requests from have the preachy mentality in which they seem to think that it’s only there way. I had become so frustrated by people’s ignorance when saying certain statements. Some might say, just go ahead and delete people. Facebook does not have good ways at mass deleting people, go figure. There were many people that I would want to delete simply because they annoyed me but it would be to big of a pain in the ass to delete all of them.

Personally Facebook had become a huge distraction. When I was supposed to be doing work, I would waste it away and wonder how I let that time escape me. The compulsion to check was just too much.

Now without Facebook I have noticed that I have more time to do the things I want to.

Does anybody have a similar experience?


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