Creating vs. Comsuming

Lately, several questions have formed in my head awaiting a justified answer. There is a part of me that is coming to the realization that I consume a lot of information. Even though I do enjoy lots of what I read, I still sift through endless amounts to pick out the various bits of information that I find worthwhile. This takes lots of time and energy on my day when I could be doing things that are more creative and productive.

Based on this, I began to think about why I consume more then I create. In other words I receive lots of information. From various RSS feeds of blogs that I follow, Flickr contacts, and online reading, I spend a lot of time looking at other people and their work. For myself, I feel that time would be better spent creating.

When coming up with some ideas of what direction I would go in with this post, I brainstormed in my moleskin notebook some of the questions or points I would like to adhere to. I then narrowed it down to three key questions:

Why consume when you can create?
What is the point of consuming?
Why not spend time creating?

On that same page in my notebook, I decided to brainstorm the ideas of creating vs consuming.

There are many reasons for why we as people decide to consume. We love reading various things on the web and other tidbits of information. We also use consumption as a way to take a break from our daily lives. This can often be in the form of understanding something that we did not know previous.

I then thought of reasons why I consume so much information. For one I am able to learn from others. At times I would browse Facebook to see what fun things other people are doing.

Other times I consume because I wanted a good laugh or something amazing to watch. Quite possibly this could be because of trying to disregard the worries in my own life by reading or looking at something produced by other people.

I then began to think of creating. This for me is far more personal. When it comes to creating, to me it is spending time working on something that is worth talking about. In order to do this we oftentimes have to ignore what others are doing. This is not to say that others work is not interesting or necessary important, but not essential. By focusing on what we want to accomplish by not worrying about what other people are doing can make us better in our creative work.

Being able to create allows for us to develop more of an imagination. As something long-term to think about, creating allows us to leave a legacy behind for after we eventually die. It also allows for plenty of room for growth. In turn this pushes us to get better and better with our work.

Would you rather spend more time creating or consuming?
Which would you rather leave behind for your children or members of the next generation?


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