Little Brown Man in Gringo Land 10am Friday-Jonathan Davis 

I enjoyed reading the article ‘Little Brown Man in Gringo Land’. Since the article discussed Mexican immigrants coming over to Texas to work during the early 20th century, I thought it to be rather interesting. In the article it said that “while other whites who employed Mexicans on farms and in industry argued that Mexicans were simply too inferior to represent a threat to white America”. Thankfully we have moved away from this but we still have an unsettling thought in this country of “illegal immigrants” taking away American jobs. Many of the jobs that the immigrants take now are ones that the middle class American feels that they are too good for. In other words they take the jobs that mainstream white America doesn’t want. Especially with regards to how they are viewed as being as Foley stated “a culturally and biologically inferior alien race”. 


The second part worth examining is the fact that even back then people “smuggled Mexicans across the boarder”. In not being too political, this issue of whether or not this is right still exists today. A more relevant example would be revolving around citizenship. There is a general idea that people born in America are automatically U.S. citizens. With that being said, people who might have come over as children are often deemed illegal over actions that they can’t control. They were simply following directions from their parents unaware of the future issues and implications that obedience might have. Just like those that immigrated without permission, should they be held accountable? I personally don’t have a fulfilling enough answer but might ponder it some more. One last thought, Native Americans were the first real settlers to America. Does that mean that when white-Europeans came over that they in fact were illegal? 



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