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Getting Back Into Routine

Lately I have been incredibly frustrated. In part because of being back-to-school for two weeks, my productivity level is not what I am happy with. I think in part this is because I have not been on a consistent sleep schedule. The other day I woke up at 4:30 AM which is my normal schedule. I was the most productive I have been in quite a long time. I got everything that I needed to get done by 8am. I did a little bit more till my 10am class that I had on the backend of my to-do list. In part I decided that my to-do list was too long and so I shortened it.

Although one might think that the schedule is a little unusual, I like it for a few reasons. For one is that people don’t bother you at 4:30am. to ensure people don’t bother me, I have my iPhone on airplane mode so I am not disturbed. I do need to work on making better use of my time and learning how to save the days in which I do not necessarily wake up as early as I want to while still being productive. Maybe it has to to with shortening my to do list on days like that just to ensure that I get things done.

 I will say that I have made a rule with myself to not check email during the day. I now check it once at 3:30pm or so and then respond to emails around 5pm. This keeps me from living in my inbox the whole day since I have other things I need to get done. I would like to attribute some of this in part to a program called Inbox Pause for Chrome. The concept is similar to the title in which all the messages that would normally go into my inbox instead go into a special folder. I then unpause my inbox when I check my email around 3:30pm or so and it releases all of the messages into my inbox. This way I deal with emails on my terms and not other people’s. To cover my own butt though, I have enabled certain emails to be forwarded to a separate inbox that gets notifications to my phone. This allows me to specify certain people I want to ensure I get emails from.

 For this coming week, I want to be more productive. To narrow this thought down, I want to get on a more consistent sleep schedule.