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Fixing My Productivity System

After having a long conversation with a friend about being unproductive, I explained that I was weary of whether my own methods were still working or not. Using my method, I was doing twice the amount of work in order to go about planning tasks to do. This was not apparent to me until that conversation. Previous I would copy things from my calendar into my text document of things to do and then write out each day what my schedule was. Upon reflecting I felt that this was way to much work. 

  As I posted before I have been frustrated with my productivity. In part I was curious whether as above my methods were working along with the fact that I wake up early because that’s a large chunk of time I could use. Although I wasn’t sure what the right solution was, I knew that something must change. 

To do a recap, let me explain a bit about how my productivity methods were based. At the start of the school year I would enter all of the assignments due for the course that was on the syllabus on my Google Calendar. I posted each assignment as an all day event on my calendar and then added other things that would come up through the course of the semester. Once a week I would go into a text document, copy everything from that week in the calendar to the specific day and then use that as a basis of what I had to get done each day. I would then write down each task in my separate notebook, therefore doing this task twice. After realizing this was inefficient, I figured that switching to a digital system for a to-do list would be far easier then paper. I would use paper for capture and then add things at the end of the day. 

In case one didn’t know, I absolutely love routines and consistency. It’s a trait shared with people who also have executive functioning like I do. For quite a while I thought that my routines were awesome and that they were working. I realized a problem when recently a professor assigned an assignment last minute. My whole routine was thrown off and I was quite flustered to say the least. This assignment seemed to totally through off my whole day. 

Now I have set up my system like so. First is that I use as my to-do list Wunderlist for iPhone and Mac. Since this app syncs to both my computer and phone, everything updates really nicely. Throughout the day I constantly consult my to-do list and check things off as I go. For me I add dates for certain deadlines but not for all. Being able to not be as rigid in my scheduling I feel will be better in the long run and will be a good lesson to learn thankfully in college. My hope is that this system works and I’ll be sure to work out and post about various things I find with it.